Welcome to TOP 10 CUTE BOYS

i love cute boys and i hope you do too that is why i made this page

10. Ryan Reynolds

he's a cool dude that kicked ass in such legendary movies as deadpool 2 and detective pikachu!!

9. Kyle Drake

you may not know it... but he created neocities!!!!!

8. James Rolfe

this motherf****r (sorry for swearing ^_^) is one of the coolest content creators that pioneered something idk he's cute!!!

7. Marques Brownlee

he is a real nerd! he knows everything about computers!!! i bet he even knows how to make one!!

6. Tom Scott

tom is a really smart boy!! he even knows what iso 8601 is!!!

5. Charles Berthoud

this dude is really skilled! he plays a guitar that only has 4 strings!!

4. Hayden Christensen

can you believe??? this guy played anakin skywalker in Star Wars®!!!!

3. Thomas Anders

one of the founding members of modern talking!!! one of the most popular music bands EVER!!

2. Jerma985

idk he's a streamer or something but i don't care he looks cute :)

note: don't read this section if you're not a boy >.<

1. You 😳

yes!! you're the cutest boy EVERRRR!!! don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!!

these are my top 10 cute boys! see you soon!